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Nato enlargement process

nato enlargement process

France and Europe "must first define the way to a European security, which could then lead to an evolutionary approach by the EU to nato."27 This position received a setback when, in June 1997, the European Union could not. The EU has recently indicated that new membership discussions should commence in 1998, with the year 2002 as a target date for new members joining. Dutch government supporters of enlargement desire an expansion of the alliance that does not weaken collective defense. The Baltic states, in the Dutch view, cannot be readily defended; an enhanced PfP regime is thus appropriate for the Baltics, and there can be no firm timetable for their entry into nato until the alliance's relations with Russia improve significantly. 44See "nato Enlargement Research Paper 97/51, by Tom Dodd. There have been three past expansions nato enlargement process of the alliance: Greece and Turkey were admitted in 1952; Germany in 1955; and Spain in 1982. Hungary as candidate states at the Madrid summit. The unanimous ratification by all sixteen nato members is not a certainty. After the reports are studied, a simple majority of those present in the chamber in both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate is necessary for ratification.

Nato Enlargement: The Process and Allied Views

In nato's previous expansions, all member states have approved the new candidates. "Russia has not been invited to join either nato, or the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (apec or the Euro-Asia Summit. Belgian political figures, above all on the center and left, had initially expressed concern that a cooperative security framework be negotiated with Russia before enlargement proceeded; the "Founding Act" appears to have allayed those concerns. One or two other party combinations are also possible for building a coalition. Nato, the argument goes, must, therefore, provide the security framework necessary to anchor these countries in the West and stabilize CEE as a whole. But the door to membership should be held open to Ukraine just as to Russia or any other potential candidate, and the nato -Ukraine Council should be used to ensure that Kiev also has a voice in European security affairs.

Similarities and Differences between nato and the

Treaty of Rome Accessed). Some nato members, however, have not yet43 decided upon the procedures to be followed. In Tayan's view, "in the aftermath of the Cold War. Nevertheless even if the Duma ratifies the treaty later this year, the Russian authorities will be hard pressed to destroy their large stocks of chemical weapons due to a lack of money, infrastructure, and environmental concerns. At the same time, Jospin and the Socialists have criticized enlargement as.S. For all the differences between the foreign policies of the Bush administration and the Clinton administration, policy toward.

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The Founding Act reflected the concerns of some allies that Russia be consulted during the enlargement process. Prime Minister Jospin's views have been similar. Policy intended to enhance American influence in Europe. Outside the negotiations, it is possible that PfP's Partnership and Review Process (parp) can provide a general indication of nato's expectations of new members because the parp designates steps that countries should nato enlargement process take to improve interoperability with nato forces. 923-925; "Italy urges balanced expansion Reuters.

Article XI, discussed below in the section on the views of individual member states, addresses the next step, which is the constitutional route for approval of an amended Treaty admitting the candidates. The debate over enlargement will occur in a politicized atmosphere because elections will be held in spring 1998. The core of the Clinton strategy was to promote peace and stability on the European continent through the integration of the new Central and Eastern European democracies into a wider Euro-Atlantic community, in which the United States would remain deeply engaged. Making progress in overcoming a large public debt has been a key policy objective of the government of Prime Minister Dehaene, who has pursued such a policy in the face of workers' unrest over a reduced safety net. The cabinet then sends the resolution to the unicameral legislature. This often raises the question where the Visegrad countries will find that sort of money. April 11, 1997; and nato and Bosnia: A Looming Transatlantic Debate, by Stanley. The US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has already taken the lead in developing public awareness with a major pro- enlargement article in the 15 February 1997 edition of The Economist. The decision to hold a summit in July firmly commits the Alliance to enlargement. The osce is also the only Euro-Atlantic organization where both Russia and the United States operate as equal members. Ally, by Paul. Nato enlargement in an effort to secure Russian acquiescence to missile defense. They wish to ensure that new members do not dilute the alliance's political likemindedness, nor its defense posture.

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Some members support enlargement primarily for regional considerations, such as nato enlargement process the desire of Italy and Greece to enhance stability in the Balkans. Since the end of the Cold War, nato's missions have been evolving. Suffice to say that establishing the cost of nato enlargement is not just a financial matter, but also a political and strategic one. Jospin has endorsed nato enlargement in principle, but wishes to proceed slowly. Russias reaction to the new momentum behind nato enlargement has not been as hostile as many expected. Given recent pledges, it is nearly certain that nato will invite at least one new memberand probably many morenext year. These negotiations sought to balance two seemingly incompatible goals: protecting the rights of the Alliance's prospective new members while preserving the West's cooperative relationship with Russia. The notional costs were for a 10-15 year period. There is sharp opposition in the German political elite to sharing the costs of enlargement. Some French officials believe that the Clinton Administration is attempting to put an unfair proportion of the costs of enlargement on European shoulders.

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Nato reiterated that it had "no intention, no plan, and no reason" in the foreseeable future to station nuclear weapons on new members' soil, but that it may do so should the need arise. Dealing with Russia Whatever approach nato chooses, it will need to be accompanied by a Russia strategy. Denmark The Danish government has not made public its choices for enlargement. Germany German Defense Minister Volker Rühe was an early advocate of nato enlargement in 1993. Moreover, Russias long border with China and Central Asian states would require nato to adopt special provisionssuch as a defense guarantee limited to Russias Western regionsbefore full membership could even be considered. Union expansion, and it briefly describes the constitutional processes in each country for amending the North Atlantic Treaty to admit new members. Such a debate in the US Senate could easily turn into a far-reaching referendum of the entire array of worldwide United States commitments. March 22, 1997; and "Athens reiterates support for Bulgaria's nato accession Athens News.

At the July Madrid Summit, once Alliance leaders decide which countries will be invited, nato will need to address this matter seriously before the ratification process gets under way in the Alliance's parliaments and national assemblies. Yet, equally important, is how the Alliance deals with countries left out of the first wave of enlargement. Security guarantee and closer relations with the United States, could prove a double blow to France's long-term interests. Erbakan was ruling in a coalition government with Tansu Çiller, leader of the secular True Path Party, who was expected to succeed him. If Russia considers itself isolated from the Euro-Atlantic community, it may feel the need to strengthen its historical sphere of influence. Enlargement will contribute to the process of integration that has helped stabilize Europe over the past fifty years and promote the development of strong new allies in the war on terrorism. The United States is now the most powerful "European power" providing overall stability in Europe, and Russia's border is now where it was three hundred years ago. Closer association with the EU is also crucial for the Baltic states as it would tie them economically and politically to Europe.